Real Body Insight

At BodiData®, Inc. we believe that massive quantities of body dimension data can create transformational insights that will benefit multiple social and commercial verticals including apparel, health, wellness, direct marketing, and more.

With the world's largest data set of real body measurements, consisting of over 1 million full body scans, we provide insight and solutions to revolutionize the global understanding of body dimensions.

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Benefits of BodiData®

Our data driven Kora™, BodiMap®, BodiMatch® and BodiSafari™ services are an accurate, low cost, simple, integrated, safe and highly automated solution to a labor intensive, resource intensive, error prone and costly system traditionally used to fit uniforms to client employees.

The economic value of the benefits are substantial!

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A Measurement Revolution

Kora™ is BodiData®’s patented, multi-sensor handheld scanner. Kora™ is the only handheld scanner able to take an individual's body measurements while they are fully clothed!

BodiMap® is our predictive online service used by individuals who do not have access to Kora™. BodiMap® generates the complete set of measurements needed to optimally fit uniforms.

Development of a new line of uniforms is costly and time consuming. Our data backed solutions allow our partners to save valuable time, money and resources in nearly every step of the process from initial patterning to customer sizing.

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