Digital Size Matching

The BodiMatch® algorithm matches each individual’s body measurements (Bodi-ID®) with the adjusted technical specifications of each garment and recommends the optimal fit that will minimize alterations.  


The technical specifications are adjusted to reflect multiple factors including:

- The ease requirements for the employee’s job function

- The elasticity of the fabric

- Manufacturing tolerances

- The client company’s image expectations for the fit appearance

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Accessible & Customizable

The BodiMatch® system is implemented on our uniform partners ordering system/website through a simple API (“Application Programming Interface”). The BodiMatch® API can be integrated into your current e-commerce platform for a seamless sizing and shopping experience, encouraging repeat sales. Incorporating BodiMatch® into your website enables consumers to shop your brand globally without requiring a fitting room or sample set, providing superior outcomes.

Detailed & Comprehensive

BodiData®’s data platform has over 1 million 3D body measurement scans of people from throughout the USA, segmented by gender, age, ethnicity, and geography. The growing data set and our continuously learning AI systems means that BodiMatch® is always evolving and updating to reflect the global population.