Quick and Simple to Process

Kora™ is BodiData®’s patented, multi-sensor handheld scanner. Kora™ is the only handheld scanner able to take an individual’s body measurements while they are fully clothed!

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Harnessing both optical and radar data, the Kora™ Scanner analyzes every measurement and curve of the human body, precisely fitting apparel like never before. Lightweight, with an optional ergonomic handle, this handheld scanner efficiently collects full body measurements without the need to remove clothing or step into a separate room.


Kora™ is easy to use and can be operated by virtually anyone with minimal training. Using our intuitive UI, the operator can complete the full scan process in 2 minutes or less eliminating manual measurement inaccuracies and the need to touch the person being measured. Kora™ creates a personal body measurement profile and unique Bodi-ID® that is used to find optimal clothing sizes using BodiMatch®.

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The Kora™ scanner synchronizes optical RGB and depth sensors with BodiData®'s proprietary Radar sensor technology. This process accurately extracts an individual's body measurements while fully clothed. BodiData®'s patented software system morphs the measurement data into a specific avatar of each individual. This unique avatar that is created can be used to extract any number of measurements. This revolutionary technology is only available from BodiData® Inc.





BodiData® High Resolution sensor

Intel RealSense SR300 optical camera


Microsoft Surface Pro

i5-7300 @ 2.6GHz, 4GB RAM

Windows 10 Pro



Optional scanner grip handle (1lb)


Mechanical Specs

ABS housing design

3.75lb (incl. batteries)

13.1" x 8.1" x 1.7"



1 Tablet charger

4 Li-ion 18650 rechargeable battery cells

1 battery charger (4 cell)