A Measurement Revolution



The Kora™ Scanner harnesses both optical and radar data to analyze every measurement and curve of the human body. Lightweight, with a removable ergonomic handle, Kora™ collects full body measurements without the need to remove everyday clothing or step into a separate room for privacy. Using our intuitive UI, the operator can complete the full scan process in 2 minutes or less eliminating manual measurement inaccuracies and the need to touch the person being measured.

Other scanner technologies’ require people to wear their undergarments or tight fitting clothing. Kora™ is a comfortable process and eliminates the need for private changing rooms and private scanning space.


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BodiMap® is an online system that makes it possible for individuals, without access to a Kora™ scanner, to create a body measurement profile used to match optimal clothing sizes. Our body dimension data set provides the foundation used by BodiMap® algorithms to predict the human body’s proportion, shape, measurements and size.

Individuals create their personal BodiMap® profile by inputting a few simple measurements.  BodiMap®’s software uses those inputs to generate additional body measurements used to recommend the optimal size for each item of clothing. BodiMap® creates a personal body measurement profile and unique Bodi-ID® that is used to find optimal clothing sizes using BodiMatch®.


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The Bodi-ID® measurements, created using Kora™ or BodiMap® can be updated at any time using either system.  This is important if a user’s body dimensions are impacted by weight change or physical activity. This is also of great help when employees re-order uniform items or when there is a long delivery time for new uniforms.


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Transformational Solutions

Our data backed sizing solutions allow our partners to save  time, money and resources when developing a new line of uniforms or fitting employees in a current uniform line. At BodiData®, we are able to assist in nearly every step of the process from initial patterning to customer sizing.



BodiMatch®: Optimized Digital Size Matching

BodiMatch® matches body dimensions to garment specifications to provide optimal sizing recommendations. Given that most uniforms are not a bespoke (custom fit), it is important to select the garment size that minimizes alterations.

The BodiMatch® algorithm matches each individual’s body measurements (Bodi-ID®) with the technical specifications of each garment and recommends the optimal fit that will minimize costly alterations.


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BodiSafari™: Design Optimized

BodiSafari™ is an exceptional process available to BodiData® uniform partners.  Before manufacturing, BodiSafari™ uses our 1 million + data set to virtually fit and test the uniform specifications on a targeted demographic similar to your client’s employee population.

Based on the outcomes the specifications, patterns and grade charts can be optimized to reduce the number of alterations that will be needed in each garment. 


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