What We Do


Our immediate focus is to solve fit problems in the Uniform Industry. Uniforms are created from unique designs developed for each corporate client and need to optimally fit a population of employees with minimal alterations. Through our sizing solutions, we are able to eliminate the need for costly fit lines, reduce returns and recommend sizes that have an optimal fit while saving our uniform partners valuable time and money.


Real Body Insights

BodiData®’s body dimension data platform is segmented by age, gender, geography and ethnicity. The aggregate data and the segmented data create incomparable opportunities to help customers improve the fit of existing products and the patterns of new apparel.

Using our Kora™ handheld scanner, we are continuously growing our database of over 1 million full body scans. Our systems use AI to continuously learn from the data growth. Our big data, machine learning approach further improves our understanding of body dimensions and enhances our garment sizing solutions.

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