Transformational Benefits

Our data driven Kora™BodiMap®BodiMatch® and BodiSafari™ services are an accurate, low cost, simple, integrated, safe and highly automated solution to a labor intensive, resource intensive, error prone and costly system traditionally used to fit uniforms to client employees.

Depending on our uniform partners goals, the benefits of our services include:


Increase Revenue

  • Improved inventory management and reduced inventory costs through reduced returns.

  • Data to help optimize inventory allocation.

  • Data based services using BodiSafari™, identify pattern issues and optimize specifications prior to production.

  • Reduced alterations.

  • Reduced transport, re-merchandising, product destruction and administrative cost from returns.

  • Integrated automation of measurement, size-matching and ordering process.


Reduce Cost

  • Provide a "second measure" opportunity using Kora™ or BodiMap® for uniforms with long delivery times and reduce the cost and chaos of product substitution.

  • Ability to reduce the size and cost of fit trials.

  • Improve the cross-sell of products available to uniform wearers using BodiData®.

  • Increased customer satisfaction and instill confidence.

  • Enable uniform partners to bid more agressively.

  • Improve and simplify the employees re-ordering process and minimize risk of sizing errors using Bodi-ID®.